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Are you...

An ambitious SDR aiming to become an Account Executive? A new Account Executive eager to close more deals?

Our course is the key to unlocking your potential. We teach you everything you need to know to transform into a high-performing AE, equipping you with the advanced skills and strategies needed to thrive in the competitive world of Tech Sales.

Start your journey to the top today. Imagine the impact of boosting your earnings to the multiple six-figure or even million-dollar range. With our Tech Sales Closer course, this isn't just a possibility‚ÄĒit's your new reality. Learn the essential, recession-proof skills that will not only elevate your sales career but also position you¬†to become a standout Account Executive.

"I had an incredible experience with the course! Not only did I enjoy it, but my brother-in-law loved it too. It was filled with tons of wisdom, yet it was still easy to understand. I've been spreading the word to everyone I know and I've received a lot of interest. I have no doubt that more people will be signing up soon."

Allen H.
Leveld Careers Student

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Why Become A Tech Sales Closer?

There are several reasons why you might choose to become an Account Executive

  • High earning potential:

    Tech Sales can be a lucrative career, with many AEs commanding high salaries and commissions

  • Opportunities for career advancement:

    Tech Sales roles often have clear paths for advancement, and successful AEs may have the opportunity to move up within the company or transition into management roles

  • Challenging and rewarding work:

    Tech Sales can be a challenging and fast-paced environment, but it can also be very rewarding to help customers solve problems and achieve their goals

  • Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology:

    Tech Sales roles often involve working with the latest and most innovative products, which can be a great opportunity for those interested in staying up-to-date with new technologies

  • Ability to work remotely:

    Many Tech Sales roles allow for remote work, which can be a great option for those who value flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere



What Is Technology Sales?

Tech Sales is a very lucrative industry
that helps solve unique challenges for businesses

Career Overview

Tech Sales is the process of selling technology products or services, mainly software as a service (SaaS) to other businesses (B2B) that have specific business problems that technology can solve.

Account Executives (AE) are sales professionals who are responsible for closing deals with potential and existing customers. The role involves identifying potential customers, conducting sales presentations or demonstrations, negotiating terms, and closing deals. AEs typically work for technology companies, such as software, hardware, or cloud computing firms, and may work in a variety of industries, including education, healthcare, finance, and government.

The role of an AE also involves working closely with other members of the sales team, such as sales managers, business development representatives, and sales engineers. They may also work closely with marketing, product development, and customer service teams to ensure that the products or services being sold meet the needs of the customer.

To be a successful AE, it's important to have strong communication, relationship-building, and negotiation skills, as well as a deep understanding of the products or services being sold. AEs must be able to identify and address the needs and concerns of potential customers and be able to effectively communicate the benefits and value of the products or services being offered.

As the tech industry has boomed, so have the opportunities in Tech Sales. Since the start of 2022, there have been over 80,000 Tech Sales roles posted on LinkedIn. And with an average base salary of $108,296 for Account Executives, it’s a very lucrative field to get into.

What are you waiting for? Start the FREE intro course today!

Here's How We Get You to Account Executive

  • Module 1:
  • Mindset¬†& Execution

    1. "Person" in Salesperson
    2. Gratitude 
    3. Breathwork
    4. Goal Setting & Mindset
    5. Confidence & Toughness
    6. Rejection & Slumps
  • Module 2:
  • Psychology¬†& Influence

    1. Influence & Persuasion
    2. Science of Selling
    3. Methods of Persuasion 
    4. Why People Buy
    5. Emotion vs. Logic
    6. Biases in Sales
    7. Psychology of Negotiation
  • Module 3:
  • Buyer Personas & Mindsets

    1. Users
    2. Decision Makers
    3. Champions
    4. Titles
    5. The Buyers Matrix
    6. Challenger Customer
  • Module 4:
  • Problem-Based Discovery

    1. The Bucket Question
    2. Gap Questions
    3. The Triple Why
    4. Impact & Pain
    5. Craft the Better Future 
    6. Leads & Illusion of Choice
    7. Qualification vs. Discovery
  • Module 5:
  • Running a World Class Demo

    1. Educate
    2. Demonstrate
    3. Buy-In
    4. BLCs
    5. Make them Hold It
    6. Unsell the Status Quo
    7. The Jolt Effect
  • Module 6:
  • Pricing¬†& Closing

    1. Pre Closing
    2. Packaging
    3. Justify the Price
    4. Minimal Agreed Impact & Return
    5. Negotiation & Trade
  • Module 7:
  • Champion Selling¬†& Multi-Threading

    1. End of Call Navigation 
    2. The 3 "I"s
    3. Mobilizers & Blockers
    4. Big No. little yes
    5. The Next Best Thing
    6. The 3 x 3


  • Module 8:
  • Follow-up¬†& Proposals

    1. Problem-based Follow-up
    2. Commitment
    3. Next Steps
    4. Schedule & Calendar Reminders
    5. Chasing Down the Deal
    6. Ghosting
  • Module 9:
  • Objection Handling

    1. 8 Mile
    2. Double A
    3. Objection is the Reason
    4. Most Common Objections
    5. Rejection vs. Objection
    6. The Unspoken Objections
    7. Handling Rejection
  • Module 10:
  • Deal Management & Sales Process

    1. Sales Stages
    2. Exit & Entry Criteria
    3. Pipeline Management
    4. Sorting & Reporting
    5. Closed Lost Reasons
    6. Note Taking
    7. Reports & Dashboards
  • Module 11:
  • Time Management and Prep

    1. Calendar Blocking 
    2. Pre Demo Research
    3. Pipeline Management 
    4. The 2-Hour Solution
    5. The Pomodoro Method
    6. Distraction Elimination
    7. Work/Life Integration
  • Module 12:
  • Metrics, Goals & Forecasting

    1. Metric Calculator

    2.  Key Sales Metrics

    3.  Close Rates, ACV & Pipeline

    4.  Issue Identification & Diagnosis

    5.  Setting Goals

    6.  Forecasting & Commits


Compensation Data 2022

Enterprise Account Executives

Avg. Total Compensation


  • Base Salary


  • Commission


  • Signing + Stock


The average Enterprise Account Executives base salary is $108.3K in the US. The average Enterprise Account Executives total compensation package is $211.3K in the US.


The highest paid salespeople
work in the technology industry

Who is this Course For?

If you’re ready to succeed in tech sales, and learn how to identify and target potential customers, how to build and maintain relationships with clients, and how to close deals effectively, this course is designed for you

Tech Sales success is waiting for you if you are:

  • ‚Äʬ†An ambitious SDR aiming to become an Account Executive¬†
  • ‚Äʬ†A new Account Executive eager to close more deals
  • ‚ÄĘ Interested in pursuing a career in tech sales
  • ‚ÄĘ Currently working in tech sales and want to sharpen your skills
  • ‚ÄĘ New to tech sales and want to learn the basics


Even if you have had success in tech sales, or have been in sales for decades, you can always improve and maximize your sales potential


Meet Your Instructor

Kevin "KD" Dorsey

Sales Leadership Coach | SaaS Sales Consultant & Advisor

Kevin "KD" Dorsey is a renowned Sales Leadership Coach and SaaS Sales Consultant & Advisor. With a focus on the "person" in "salesperson," KD has a deep understanding of what drives behavior, motivation, and long-term success. His belief is simple: better people make better sales, and this philosophy has guided him in scaling sales teams from zero to over 150+ reps, generating revenues from zero to $100M+ ARR.


  • - Voted InsideSales Top 10 Sales Leader
  • - Ambition Coach of the Year
  • - Salesforce Top Sales Influencer
  • - 2-Time LinkedIn Sales Star
  • - TOPO Sales Dev Leader of the Year
  • - Pavilion Instructor of the Year
  • - Crunchbase Top Sales Leader to Follow

Career Highlights:

  • - Scaled and built 4 SaaS sales teams to over 100 reps
  • - Worked with and coached hundreds of managers and thousands of reps
  • - Helped build 2 tech Unicorns ($1B+ valuation), generating hundreds of millions in revenue

KD's expertise isn't just theoretical; he's been in the trenches, working closely with sales managers, business development representatives, and sales engineers. His approach to sales involves a unique blend of process and system optimization, paired with skill development. This has made him a sought-after mentor and consultant for early, mid, and late-stage SaaS companies worldwide. 

He is also an avid learner and reader, having consumed countless books on sales, psychology, and influence. His commitment to continuous learning and growth translates into non-stop coaching and training for his teams, setting them on a path to reach new heights of achievement.


The Leveld Tech Sales Closer course is created by a leading sales expert.

Gain a unique body of knowledge designed to open the gate of your mind to the opportunities available to grow your income, not incrementally, but exponentially.

What you will learn in the free introduction course:

  • Why Become a Top Performing Tech Sales Closer
  • What it Means to be a Tech Sales Closer
  • How to Break Into Tech Sales
  • How to Recession Proof Yourself
  • What is Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • What are the Opportunities for Tech Sales Closers
  • What it will take to be a Closer

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